Final Fantasy XV Births a True King In New Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
The main character of Square Enix's upcoming and highly anticipated instalment in the very well known Final Fantasy series gets his time in the spotlight, as new trailers, screens, artwork and a poster are released setting the stage for Noctis in Final Fantasy XV.

Taking a blast back to the past, the cinematic trailer goes back 15 years before the journey that players will set out on in Final Fantasy XV and walks us through the dramatic events that happened. Noctis' bond with his father, King Regis, is also showcased as his father faces difficult decisions in regards to the relations between his kingdom and its warmongering neighbour, Niflheim.

The story of Final Fantasy XV begins with the Kingdom of Lucis fast approaching a deadline to sign an armistice that will end a long and bitter conflict with its neighbour Niflheim. Noctis, the prince and heir to the Lucian throne, sets out on a trip to "formalize the union of states through his marriage to the Lady Lunafreya of the imperial province of Tenebrae".

FF XV Dawn Art

Typically, this conflict-ending agreement is just a trick as the Lucian shield is lowered and the imperial army takes the chance to take control of the city along with its sacred crystal in one crushing blow. Noctis, who is part way through his trip, learns of the event and is devastated that his father, the king, is believed to be dead. With the hopes of peace disappearing in a matter of hours, Noctis must rely on his loyal companions to see him through the trials and tribulations to come.

FF XV Dawn Poster

For those who may not be able to view the above trailer, the new screens are captured from the video:

FF XV Dawn Gamescom Screens 01

FF XV Dawn Gamescom Screens 2

FF XV Dawn Gamescom Screens 3

FF XV Dawn Gamescom Screens 4

FF XV Dawn Gamescom Screens 5

FF XV Dawn Gamescom Screens 6

FF XV Dawn Gamescom Screens 7

To finish up, we have an Active Time Report from the Square Enix team as they take on the recent Gamescom event. The guys talk about plenty of upcoming goodies from the game live from gamescom but understandably have a translator with them for the benefit of English-speaking listeners. The report starts around the eight minute mark:

Final Fantasy XV will be making its way to the Xbox One, but we still don't know exactly when!
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