MindJack Gets A Release Date And A New Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
MindJack is a quirky third person shooter from SquareEnix that revolves around leaping from body to body. We have seen variations of this mechanic in past games but never to the extent that MindJack takes it to as the core gameplay mechanic. Originally due for release in 2010, MindJack is now due for release on January 18th in North America and January 27th in Japan. There is no word on a European release.

The new trailer can be seen below:

Now is it just me, or does that setting with the "taking control of anyone" thing sound a little (or a lot) like the apocalypse as shown in the show Dollhouse? At the end of the series, it is explained that jumping from body to body was used as a weapon of war by turning a country's entire population against one another. As I was watching the video, that was the first thought that popped into my head.

But since no one else watched Dollhouse I guess I am alone in that thought.
Credit for this story goes to tsunamishadow