Rock Band 3 Account Linking Live

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
After a short wait, Rock Band 3 account linking is live. This means you'll be able to head over to the page on the official Rock Band 3 website and tie your game data to a account.

First and foremost this will unlock you the associated achievement, which will never enjoy the TA ratio of +278.6 again as it was at the time of writing:

Rock Band 3Well ConnectedThe Well Connected achievement in Rock Band 3 worth 9 pointsConnect your Rock Band 3 Band with at

Secondly you'll then be able to track your Rock Band 3 stats via the web and monitor your progress and improvements.

There are some important extra bits of info that you might like to know however. Firstly, if you already have a linked Rock Band 2 account you do not need to sign up again at the Rock Band website. Boot up Rock Band 3 use the 'Sign In' feature and you'll be good to go (and hopefully you should get that achievement we mentioned earlier).

Harmonix have also said that because of changes in the way the site works, Rock Band 2 and original Rock Band sign ups will not be accepted any more:

Because the new features on this site rely exclusively on Rock Band 3 gameplay data, we're no longer supporting account linking for Rock Band 2 or Rock Band.

f you've only linked to Rock Band, you'll have to enter a Rock Band 3 Account Linking code to access the new site features.
The address to get online and get yourself connected and linked up is given below. Now hurry, six precious Gamerscore points await!
Credit for this story goes to Stupid Dex