Slay Together In Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Another video has been released from The Minionstry of Information as this time the focus is on slaying together and staying together for the best results in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. Despite showing us the values of working with a co-op buddy, a tag team can turn a killing session into a competition or, "co-opetition" as "Netherghuls" will do their best to be more evil than their slaying partner and have the possibility to use traps to slow down the other player. Gnarl, the evil Minion Master had a few words to say on teaming up with another evil slayer:

Whilst you are welcome to indulge in some solo mayhem and destruction, sometimes you need a friend to back you up. And when I say friend, I mean enemy who hasn’t killed you yet.

Check out the second round of teaching in the new video:

Carl Johnson, Chief Design Minion at Codemasters, tells us that the game is just as fun whether you decide to roll solo or with another player:

Fellowship of Evil has been designed to be equally fun playing solo or with your friends in co-op. Whether you’re at your happiest causing chaos alone with a horde of minions at your heels or together with some equally evil companions, there’s always plenty of deviousness to be done. Remember, evil never plays by the rules!
Here's a batch of new screens showcasing the evilness you devilish players will be indulging in:

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 01

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 2

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 3

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 4

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 5

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 6

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 7

Overlord: FoE Slaying Screens 8

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is scheduled for a digital release on the Xbox One sometime later this year.
Ashley Woodcock
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