Tales From The Borderlands Ep. 4 Coming Next Week

By Ben Terrett, 2 years ago
The Telltale Games' story continues as players get access to Episode 4 of Tales from the Borderlands, coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 next week. "Escape Plan Bravo" continues the story of Rhys and Fiona as they search for the ever elusive vault.


In this penultimate episode of the season, captured by Vallory and her goons, Rhys and Fiona are forced to continue the search for the Vault beacon - at gunpoint. The beacon is on the Hyperion moon base - Helios - while our heroes are on Pandora... so there's the pesky cold void of death known as 'space' to overcome. Even with assistance from a familiar face, and with a worryingly helpful Handsome Jack hitching a ride in Rhys' head, getting on board the ominous 'H' is going to take every drop of guile, and quite possibly all the spunk you've got. Sacrifices will be made - can you make the tough choices needed to succeed?
Accompanying the announcement are some brand new screenshots for Episode 4:

helios approach


right stuff


butt stallion

Episode 4 of Tales from the Borderlands, "Escape Plan Bravo", will be released on August 19th for Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Ben Terrett
Written by Ben Terrett
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