New Newshounds

By Cee Jay, 8 years ago
The new Newshounds have been chosen, but I'll let the zigs00 reveal the details...

Hey everyone!

First off, I apologise for how long this has taken! We had dozens of applications, so many of which were really fantastic. Trying to pick the best of a huge list of great applicants took a lot of time and a lot of deliberation, but hopefully the new Newshounds that have been picked will be great additions to the team! smile

So after a long wait, I'm incredibly happy to announce the twelve news additions to the site's Newshound team:
Dat Boi Treezy
Eddie Ruckus
II The Beard II

Every single one of them had brilliant applications and were definitely the best of the bunch! I'm incredibly excited to see what all of them can achieve as Newshounds, and how much we can continue to improve the News as a whole with all these great new assets to our team.

Thank you to all of you that applied for the team — if I could take you all on, I would! There was so many amazing applications but just not enough space for everyone.

Congratulations Newbhounds! toast
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
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