Earn 5X XP In World of Tanks' Special Event

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Wargaming.net have been going strong for a fair amount of years. 17 years today to be exact! With such a pretty milestone under their belt, the game developers are calling for tank drivers to celebrate with them with a special event this weekend in both console variations of World of Tanks.

The offering of XP will be multiplied by five for your first victory of the day in every tank that you own, so make sure you're making each and every victory count and maximize your XP takings. Along with the XP boost, gamers can purchase tier VIII Premium tanks at discounted rates.

Also, warming up for the "medium mayhem event", medium tanks will also be discounted and operations will be available that focus on the all-round medium tanks. Lastly, the "German Pz.kpfw. V/IV" has re-appeared in the in-game store so be sure to splash out the cash for this ferocious metal beast if you don't own it already.

The 5X XP offering is live today only. The various discounts and themed operations are live all weekend long.
Credit for this story goes to JDawgg77
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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