Smite Double XP Weekend Event

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
There's a whole lot of gamers hopefully having a lot of fun testing out the beta version of SMITE on Xbox One right now. As a thanks to the gamers taking part, Hi-Rez Studios are closing out the beta period with a serving of double "everything". This means players will earn double "Worshipers, Favor, and XP".

To go along with the extra XP, all gods and goddesses will be unlocked, meaning that players can test out any of the 67 gods during the weekend without having to spend a penny. Lastly, "legacy chests" will be turned on giving participants the chance to bag themselves some exclusive skins they may have not been able to add to their collection previously. The short list of legacy chests are as follows:

• Holiday
• Hunter’s
• International
• Liberté
• Oracle
• Spring Festival
All of this goodness in SMITE is live and yours for the taking right now through until the end of the weekend. The full-version of the game is still set for an August 19th release on Xbox One.
Credit for this story goes to JDawgg77
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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