The Long Dark Gets A Quick Hotfix

By Ben Terrett, 2 years ago
The Long Dark, currently part of the Xbox Game Preview Program, has received a quick update which brings the title up to v.258. Hinterland have published details on their website, but we've listed the main changes below:

- Fixed bug with long survival times not increasing in very rare cases.
- Fixed issue with button collision being offset at certain resolutions.
- Fixed bug with Invert-Y not changing when modified in Options.
- Reduced brightness of snow at night.
- Fixed issue with falling out of world when loading save after falling through ice.
- Fixed problem with containers not restoring to correct location if previously stuck to ground.
- Fixed issue with confirmation dialog input being processed by UI underneath the dialog.
- Fixed bug with wolves sometimes making unprovoked attacks on players in Pilgrim Mode.
- Fixed issue with blood hit effects not playing on wolves.
- Increased wolf detection range for footstep audio when feeding.
- Fixed interior reset issue when spawning inside an interior (Xbox One only)
There is no confirmed release date yet for The Long Dark, however those wishing to get in on the action early can purchase the game now for $19.99 through the Xbox Game Preview Program.
Ben Terrett
Written by Ben Terrett
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