Hover: Revolt of Gamers Screens & New Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Available now via Steam Early Access, Fusty Game's Hover: Revolt of Gamers recently entered Alpha 3.0 and took a trip to Gamescom to be shown off. We recently witnessed the Alpha 3.0 version of the title in action but now, we get a bit of a breakdown regarding the fast-paced gameplay that we saw.

The new version features a brand new "Hover City", designed and re-coded from the ground up thanks to feedback from the Steam community. Not only does the city look impressive, as you'll see in these new screens, but the city itself has been optimized to run much smoother and with better framerates. The graphics also fair better with the change as building models, new textures and object details are all improved.

H:RoG Alpha 3.0 Screens 01

H:RoG Alpha 3.0 Screens 2

A Day & Night cycle has also been added to the game in an aim to "bring more life" into the city. Lights and the atmosphere react accordingly to the cycle and NPC's and various effects have been added to give the world a more realistic feel. A new speedy alien has also been introduced known as Veelan. This playable character is lightning quick but "tricky to control". The alien will come with its own stories and missions.

H:RoG Alpha 3.0 Screens 3

H:RoG Alpha 3.0 Screens 4

A release date for Hover: Revolt of Gamers is still yet to be confirmed
Ashley Woodcock
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