NBA LIVE 16 Reveals Pro-Am Mode

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
EA Sports are looking to continue competing in the basketball gaming world with their upcoming instalment NBA LIVE 16. To aid in their efforts, EA have revealed and detailed the new Pro-Am mode where players can take up to nine of their friends, and play some ball on various basketball courts all over North America.

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The first new game mode that will be available is "LIVE Run", a 5-on-5 online pick-up game where gamers can take their created players and join up with up to nine friends to ball on real-world courts. Winning games will level up your character and unlock gear for them to wear with pride in their upcoming matches.

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Summer Circuit is similar to LIVE run as the co-op element remains the same. However, players will team up and travel across North America and compete against the NBA superstars themselves. It will be a challenge but if the players are able to succeed and complete unique challenges that will be available, exclusive gear and sill upgrades will be rewarded to those who are victorious.

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LIVE Pro-Am games are played on real courts made famous by NBA legends. Venues include Hoop Dome, Seattle Pacific University, Brooklyn Park, Kezar Pavilion, Rucker Park, Venice Beach, and Jordan’s own Terminal 23. Each location has its own unique flavor and playstyle, including music that changes with the tempo of the game.
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Your created character can be used across LIVE Run, Summer Circuit and the Rising Star career mode. Each mode will allow for the player to grow and earn skill points which will be used to upgrade your player's skills. Reward points will allow for the player to purchase "swag" to customize their character from top to bottom.

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All of the usual brand name gear will be on offer including Jordan. If you're not overly fussed with sweatbands and fly kicks, why not treat yourself to a more permanent style with a tattoo from "renowned artist Randy Harris"? If that's not enough, why not get your whole face scanned onto your created character too?

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Introducing GameFaceHD, an exclusive mobile scanning tech that will be available in the NBA LIVE companion app, allowing for a quick and easy scan of your face to upload to the game.

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Even though the summer wasn't much to talk about (in England at least), extend your summer with this video reveal of the detailed LIVE Pro-Am mode:

The companion app will be available for free on mobile devices from September 8th. The LIVE Pro-Am mode will be available to download for free on September 15th. Those who download the new mode will be able to try out the Learn LIVE tutorials and exhibition style matches in "Tip Off" with six NBA teams - Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers. Any progression and unlocks earned before the NBA LIVE 16's full release will be carried over when the title releases on September 29th.
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