Missing Flags

By Cee Jay, 8 years ago
As some of you may have noticed, just about every flag has been removed from most games, to tell you why I'll pass you over to the Content Manager

Van Uden said:
Hi everyone,

The Content Team is currently working on improving the flags. It has been a while since we introduced the new flags and with the crash of 2010 we lost just about all flagging we did in 2010. We figured this was the best time to improve things.

One of the main problems we faced was that our flagging definitions weren't clear enough, it wasn't bringing across what we wanted to bring across, everyone thought some of them ment something else...it wasn't pretty.

We're not done with our revamp yet, we still need some time. For now we are only flagging games with the following flags: Online, Offline, Viral, Unobtainable and Discontinued. The definition for Viral will change, so some achievements flagged as Virals will feel a bit off. Unobtainable and Discontinued haven't changed and won't change.

Online and Offline have had a slight change with pretty big consequences. The flags now reflect that an achievement requires play in either an online or offline game mode as opposed to how it was before where the flags reflected that you could get an achievement in an online or offline game mode.

This might still sound confusing right now, I'm sorry about that, once we worked out all flags the Achievement Flags page will be updated with a much more in depth explanation of all flags so everyone knows what the deal is.

For now I'd like to ask everyone to be patient, the new flags will definatelly be an improvement, We just need some more time to work things out. There are currently just over 200 games flagged with the 5 flags mentioned, more will follow asap.

Thanks for understanding.

Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
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