Siegecraft Commander Suffers Delay

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
The upcoming action-strategy hybrid Siegecraft Commander, which is being developed and published by Blowfish Studios, has suffered a slight delay in its release window. Despite this sad news, we do have a few more details as to what's included in the game when it comes to game modes, objectives, and style of play.

We've already read plenty of details in the game's announcement story and checked out the visuals in this serving of screens, so eager fans will already have a pretty good idea of what the game will entail. Strategist can take to the battlefield in real-time or tactical turn-based gameplay. When squaring off against an opponent over Xbox LIVE, the host will select a game mode before the match starts. Single player remains based entirely on turn-based gameplay.

The objective of each battle is to destroy the opponent’s keep. To reach an enemy’s keep, players must launch what is essentially the seed of a new structure, which will sprout into a new building upon landing and erect a wall connecting the new tower to the building that launched it. Each structure boasts its own capabilities, such as constructing other specific buildings, or spawning particular units.
It's up to you how you want to approach every match. Are you the speedy type who will rush out to the opponents base as quickly as possible, or kick back and build yourself a impenetrable fortress? The style of play will be affected by which faction players choose as the "heavy knights" favour more defense, and the "Lizardmen" are the more offensive minded. Both factions will have their own set of unique buildings and units.

Form the perfect style of play when Siegecraft Commander releases on Xbox One and Windows 10 in Early 2016.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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