Remastering Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's Audio

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
All of the remastering videos that have been released so far just wouldn't be complete without The Coalition taking the time out to showcase the remastering of the audio in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. There's a ton of unique sound effects that Gears fans will remember and look forward to hearing again: the chilling menu music as we prepared to square off against other players in the harsh online multiplayer, the sound of someone's head being popped after a successful headshot, the scream of your opponent when they've just been freshly chainsawed or curb stomped, and plenty more.

In this new video, the team talks about remastering the audio and details how they've gone about making the game sound even sweeter. The new video showcases better sound quality for the first time that Marcus runs into a Corpser, when Baird manages to regroup with Cole and asks "where's Rojas", and even when the poor and panicky COG soldier runs straight into a limb-tearing death at the hands of a Berserker:

What were some of your favourite sound effects from the game?

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition releases on the Xbox One and Windows 10 on August 25th in North America. Europe can get their hands on the game on August 28th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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