Mastermind Games Announces Affliction

By Lexley Ford, 3 years ago
Mastermind Games, a newly formed indie game developer with a team of one, has unveiled its first title to grace the Xbox One: an open world, action-based narrative game entitled Affliction. In a similar vein to recent PC and Playstation 4 titles The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture, and the PC exclusive Gone Home, Affliction puts emphasis on exploration as players attempt to uncover as much of the story as possible.

Affliction takes players to the small, 1950’s town of Warden Cliffs where you have been tasked with uncovering the mystery of a deadly disease that is plaguing the town's citizens. The town's story unfolds through environmental cues, discovering hidden artefacts and uncovering its citizen's memories. How much you uncover will determine the story's conclusion, and you can submit your findings to your overseer at whatever time you see fit, although he may not accept your answer without enough facts.

The task of uncovering the town's mystery may not be that simple; while you are busy searching the environments for clues, 10-foot shadowy creatures called Reapers are lurking in the shadows and hunting you down. On top of this, the town's citizens are all frozen in time acting out various scenes from their day-to-day lives and, to add to the creepiness, they are all faceless.

One final twist is that if a player loses their life during their investigation, their soul will be transferred into the body of a nearby citizen. While this will allow you to carry on with the task at hand, you will also take on the physical strengths and weaknesses of that citizen, be they “a man or woman, young or old”.

Mike Jarrell, the sole developer at Mastermind Games, had this to say on the game's blending of genres:

Narrative games, as they are, are amazing. I’m a huge fan. But the popular complaint is that they aren’t interactive enough. Similarly, action-heavy games always hear complaints about story depth. With Affliction I’d like to marry the two genres; tell a really great story with the excitement of action.
A teaser trailer for the title has also been released:

For those unable to view the trailer, Mastermind Games has released a set of screenshots from the teaser, featuring an eerily faceless family.

Affliction Announcement 1

Affliction Announcement 2

Affliction Announcement 3

Affliction Announcement 4

Affliction Announcement 5

Affliction Announcement 6

Affliction will be coming to the Xbox One sometime in early 2016.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Affliction achievements.
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