GamerCards Are Back!

By Jack Watling, 2 years ago
A little while ago the gamercard card system on the site was removed with intention of giving it a bit of a facelift and general update - that time has now arrived!

As you can see, these have been in desperate need of a revamp, and what better time to do it than a Friday Site Update? We've bought them back, given them a whopping stat boost and thrown in some swanky new customisation options and game-themed backgrounds.

My GamerCardMy GamerCard

Living as a tab in your social settings, the My GamerCard page allows you to create your very own GamerCard with plenty of personalisation options including;

• Design (themes) and Shape
• Statistics (Achievements won, Completed games, Played games, etc)
• Display your avatar
• Display your country flag
• Display your Xbox LIVE motto
• Use items from your Trophy Case
• And more!...


After you've settled on your card of choice and saved, you'll be given a set of links to share your new creation with the world, or you could print it off and use it as a business card. The choice, is yours...

Links galore!Links galore!

To give you a bit of background; a GamerCard is a static image stored on our servers which displays some key information and statistics about your GamerTag. These can be used on external sites as a way to show off your stats, most commonly people tend to stick them in forum signatures.

Your GamerCard will be automatically updated every time you are scanned so you'll always be sharing your most recent stats and achievements.

We've made a new forum for you to suggest improvements and other designs - please post suggestions in the GamerCards Forum.

Please note: The previous badges for GamerCard designs have been removed. As they are going to be phased out and replaced by the new images and we won't have a way for people to upload their own, this seemed the fairest thing to do.

Have a great day!

The TA Dev Team
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
Jack is the TrueAchievements Game Information Manager and has been a Newshound since 2015. Outside of TA he's a full-time developer for the TrueGaming Network (TA, TT, GC, ...) with a passion for... computer games and programming!