Just Dance: Disney Party 2 Coming Soon

By Fierce, 2 years ago
For anyone that enjoys all things Disney or occasionally likes to get down with a Just Dance title, then it is about time to return to the dance floor -- or simply reconnect that dusty Kinect, because Ubisoft and Disney Interactive have announced that Just Dance: Disney Party 2 is in the works.

Various tracks from some of the Disney Channel's current, most popular teen and tween properties will be included, such as “Descendants,” “Teen Beach Movie” and “Teen Beach 2,” as well as tracks from shows like “Girl Meets World,” “K.C. Undercover” and “Liv and Maddie.”

Here are some of the track listings, along with the show or movie they are from, that have been listed so far:
· “Austin & Ally” (“Chasin’ the Beat of My Heart”)
· “Descendants” (“Did I Mention”)
· “Descendants” (“Rotten to the Core”)
· “Descendants” (“Evil Like Me”)
· “Descendants” (“Set It Off”)
· “Girl Meets World” (“Take on the World”)
· “K.C. Undercover” (“Keep It Undercover”)
· “Teen Beach Movie” (“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”)
· “Teen Beach Movie” (“Falling for Ya / Surf’s Up”)
· “Teen Beach 2” (“That’s How We Do”)
· “Teen Beach 2” (“Gotta Be Me”)
· “Teen Beach 2” (Twist Your Frown”)
· “Violetta” (“En Mi Mundo”)
The announcement trailer highlights some of the various tracks and films that inspired them. Video examples for specific tracks you'll be shakin' and bustin'-a-move to have also been released.

Some screenshot images have broke out under the spotlight as well:
Just Dance: DP2

Just Dance: DP2 photo 2

Just Dance: DP2 photo 3

Just Dance: DP2 photo 4

Just Dance: DP2 photo 5

Just Dance: DP2 photo 6

Just Dance: DP2 photo 7

When no one is home, you'll be able to move like you mean it this Holiday of 2015.
Just Dance: Disney Party 2 will shimmy its way to Xbox One and Xbox 360 when released.
Written by Fierce
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