Kerbal Space Program Confirmed for Xbox One Launch

By Fierce, 4 years ago
When humans fail to figure out how to explore and conquer the far reaches of space, it will be time to call on a Kerbal. A new space program has been commissioned and is currently in development by Squad in order to bring Kerbal Space Program to the Xbox One spacecraft in the near future.

Previously released on PC earlier this year, Kerbal Space Program is an engineering feat and physics simulator, requiring you to build spaceships and rockets for the cute Kerbal humanoids and launch them out of orbit and into new frontiers. The physics and math behind the simulator are said to be so realistic that it's even peaked the interest from NASA and SpaceX, so grab your telescope and catch a glimpse of the teaser trailer for the upcoming Kerbal adventure.

All systems go as we await a release date and countdown to when Kerbal Space Program reaches Xbox One.

We've got the full list of Kerbal Space Program achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Credit for this story goes to Spilner
Written by Fierce
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