Madden NFL 16 | Madden: The Movie

By Joseph C, 4 years ago
If you were to guess what two things usually work well in advertising, you would probably say “Sex sells” for the first.  But the second?  That would be, absurdity.  EA is taking the latter approach in their release of Madden NFL 16. We showed you the teaser for this wild mashup recently.   This latest trailer, if that’s what it is, for this year’s installment of the franchise, is an over-the-top action film spoof starring Dave Franco as ‘Blade Johnson’, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as ‘Janet’, and several stars and well-known names in the NFL.  Rex Ryan even shows up as the wise mentor, ‘Lil Pepper’.

Franco must defeat an evil villain in a game of Madden to save his girlfriend. Rex Ryan prepares him for the big game while all sorts of other… stuff goes on around them.  It’s a story of love, sports, action, and betrayal.  I think.  Check it out for yourself below, although you may come away scratching your head.

For those not playing early via EA Access, Madden NFL 16 officially releases tomorrow on Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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