Microsoft has planned an update for Games for Windows Live to be published on November 15, alongside the launch of the new Games for Windows Marketplace. The update mostly fixes bugs and introduces a voice codec upgrade.

The list of improvements and new features included in the patch were listed in a post on the Games for Windows forum:

Voice Codec Upgrade

o New higher quality voice codec used for in-game chat, private chat, and voice messages to align with the Xbox 360

o All GFWL enabled games will get this upgrade and use the new codec including PC->PC in-game chat, messages, and private chat

Windows Live ID Upgrade

o Updated version of Windows LIVE ID that handles user credentials during logon. The new system uses the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant that is shared by Messenger and other WLID enabled applications

o The Windows LIVE ID Sign-in Assistant is now required and is installed as part of the update

o Known Issue: During the update the new Sign-in Assistant will be installed on the user’s computer. This may result in a reboot if the service is not previously installed. In some cases this could also result in two notices for a System update when updating from in-game (1st time it installs the required Sign-in Assistant, 2nd time it will install the actual update).

Per-Title 5x5 LIVE Access keys

o Per-Title 5x5 LIVE Access keys are tied to a specific game, but not a specific PC or LIVE Account. Prevents keys from being shared between GFWL titles but allows more than one Gamertag to play the game on your PC

o New GFWL Enabled Games will either use Per-Title 5x5 or SSA (Server Side Activation) for LIVE Access Keys as decided by the game’s publisher. Previously released GFWL titles and keys will still function as they currently do.

o Activation limits for Per-Title 5x5 keys are the same as previous non-SSA GFWL titles.
The main issue with the new update is that the new voice codec is not used by previously released cross-platform Xbox 360 games, so in-game chat with PC users will not be possible after this date. To make it a little clearer, when the Xbox players talk, the PC players will not hear them. When PC players talk, all that the Xbox players will hear will be static. This is very likely to affect any boosting sessions for the following games:

o Shadowrun
o Universe at War
o Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies
o Blazblue: Calamity Trigger

The only way to fix this issue is for the individual publishers for these games releasing a patch for the Xbox 360 versions. None of the publishers involved have announced anything yet but I will update this article if any announcements are made.

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