New Xbox 360 Counter-Piracy Measures

A major concern over any piece of electronic art, video games, music or movies is piracy. Most can remember when Microsoft began using the Ban Hammer on individuals who had burned/illegal copies of any game on their account.

With the release of the newest dashboard update, Microsoft has made a very important update to anti-piracy software inside the system. Information released by Eurogamer shows the extra steps that Microsoft are going to, to prevent piracy.

The 1st November launch of the new Kinect-capable dash brought about an unwelcome surprise for Xbox 360 pirates: new copy protection tech is included that looks set to lock out "backup" games from Xbox Live and - for the first time - stop copied games from loading.

Hackers refer to the new checks as "AP 2.5" and while details are scarce about how it actually works, the current thinking is that specific challenges to the DVD drive's firmware are embedded into the security sectors on the game disc. If the correct responses don't come back from the firmware, the console is flagged for banning on Xbox Live and the game refuses to load with a "dirty disc" error.

With this update, Microsoft is not only attempting to prevent people from using pirated software, but not allowing them to get access to the new features of the dashboard, like ESPN or Kinect support. With the new update as well, the Ban Hammer will also continue to block these consoles from having access to Xbox Live.

Hackers and pirates continually try to get around Microsoft’s security features and every time they think they have, Microsoft finds a new way to drop the hammer and remind them, we don’t like pirates.
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