Mad Max's Magnum Opus Comes To Life

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
What and where would Max be without his crucial vehicle? The answer is dead and in a ditch somewhere. In Avalanche's take on the post-apocalyptic series, The Road Warrior is traveling far and wide in search of his V8 Interceptor, his famed vehicle. To do that, he'll need a plan B. Enter the Magnum Opus. Avalanche recently lived out a dream of theirs when they had a real life working replica of the Opus delivered to them in the wasteland. See for yourself as the vehicle's designer and narrative content director dive into the driver's seat and can't help but smile. One man's trash truly is another man's treasure.

Mad Max hits the gas on September 1st for Xbox One.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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