TA Top Five: Franchises That Should Get LEGO'd

By Mark Delaney,
It certainly seems like Traveller's Tales and LEGO have covered pretty much every popular franchise across movies, TV, comics, and video games by now. For a decade they've been reimagining some of pop culture's biggest hits as family-friendly games that emphasize puzzle solving and co-op play. The upcoming super mash-up LEGO Dimensions Achievements tackles a lot of new franchises at once, like Scooby-Doo, The Simpsons, Doctor Who, and Back To The Future. Still, there are plenty more we feel deserve Legofication. We often went beyond the maturity level the LEGO games would probably go to, but that's half the fun. This list could've been a lot longer but we wanted to save some room for your ideas too.

Honorable Mentions

The Terminator

With five movies and a short-lived television series to the franchise's credit, this robot shooting sci-fi has plenty of source material off of which a LEGO game usually jumps. There wouldn't be as many iconic characters as some others listed or some other games already available in the series, but taking on T-800 minifigures would be undeniably fun. A LEGO version of Schwarzenegger is also loooong overdue.

Nineties Nicktoons

Those of you reading who are within five years of my age can probably smell the nostalgia through your computer screens. Growing up with some of the best cartoons ever — Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, and Doug, especially — you never really outgrow them when they're gone from your daily life. Rewatching some of these is still a lot of fun, and a game that combines them all in a Nick-exclusive mash-up is nearly limitless in terms of character selection.

BF4 Final Stand Screens 4

The LEGO games already rewrote their own format once with LEGO Rock Band Achievements. What if they tried a first-person shooter? Combining the building aspect of the LEGO series with the destructible environments of Battlefield seems like a perfect fit. Not to mention the LEGO tanks, jets, choppers, and the rest of the array of transport that would be a lot of fun in block form.

Top Five

5. Toy Story
toy story

This one might be tough to pull off because now Disney and LEGO are going head to head with their respective toy-based games. Maybe Disney won't be handing off the rights to their franchises anymore. They're still doing it with the upcoming LEGO Marvel's Avengers Achievements, though, so maybe this isn't so farfetched. All I know is Toy Story is the pinnacle of a children's film series. Nothing can touch that trilogy (soon to be quadrilogy). Anything with Woody and Buzz in it, I'll buy. This idea could also be extended to the whole of Pixar's body of work and still work really well, perhaps even better.

4. The Walking Dead
walking dead

Arguably deserving of a higher rank, some people have expressed fatigue with not just zombies, but the bevy of adaptations of Robert Kirkman's huge comic. No less than five different studios have worked or are working on adapting the dark series to games. A good version of the show, however, has not been done yet as a game. A LEGO take on the AMC series would give us all the cool stuff the LEGO games already give us, plus the show's exclusive characters and different sequence of events.

3. Mass Effect
Garrus, Tali, Shep

A trilogy with a wealth of characters, action, and settings. That's pretty much the perfect LEGO formula as they've shown us several times already. Imagine getting to customize your Shepard minifigure, meeting your squad again, and taking on LEGO Reapers. It would also be hilarious to see how they work around the sex scenes in typical Traveller's Tales fashion.

2. Assassin's Creed
Thames River

The time-hopping characteristic of Ubisoft's flagship offers nearly limitless potential for Legofication. The protagonists would be fun to revisit, as would the climbing and parkour, but even better would be seeing LEGO versions of famous people like Da Vinci and Ben Franklin. A true collaboration between Ubi and Traveller's Tales could even send gamers to an all-new setting with an original story. Wait, why hasn't this been made yet?


If you understand what my gamertag means, you probably saw this coming. After six seasons, the sci-fi drama of the island came to a close in 2010. The problem is, we never got a good game along the way. LOST makes sense for a lot the same reasons that make other properties good candidates for a LEGO game. It has enough source material to jump off of, an adventuring theme, a wide array of characters, and a story that can be played with in the way the games are famous for. What LOST has going for it in addition to all that, is that it's on about the same level of violence and mature content as Star Wars, which has of course already been made into several successful LEGO games. Admittedly, some flashbacks wouldn't make good gameplay sequences. Jack's alcoholism or Sawyer's grifting don't exactly embody the term "family friendly", but hey, neither do zombie headshots or naked Schwarzeneggers.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He has written for GameSkinny, Gamesradar and the Official Xbox Magazine. He runs the family-oriented gaming site Game Together.
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