Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Update Dated

By Lexley Ford, 2 years ago
Perfect World Entertainment has confirmed that from September 8th, Xbox One players will finally be able to experience the largest update to Neverwinter (HK) to date. The massive “Neverwinter: Elemental Evil” update will bring content from four different expansions including “Elemental Evil”, “Fury of the Feywild”, “Shadowmantle” and “Curse of Icewind Dale” all of which will be available to play completely for free. The update will also increase the level cap and introduce the Oathbound Paladin playable class and new adventure zones.

Alongside the confirmation, an official gameplay trailer for “Neverwinter: Elemental Evil” has also been released and can be viewed below.

“Neverwinter: Elemental Evil” will be available from September 8th.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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