Laserlife Teaser Trailer Released

By Keith Gray, 4 years ago
Laserlife is a new title from Choice Provisions, an independent development team made up of industry veterans, that is slated for release on Xbox One later this year. The game is set to fuse together a sci-fi world and human themes to bring a unique gaming experience, as described in more detail in the quote below:

Laserlife is an exploration game with high-concept science fiction themes focused on the idea that human life is much more than the sum of its physical parts.

Somewhere in the cosmos, a mysterious skeletal artifact has been discovered and in order to determine its origins and essence, molecular reconstruction of its memories has been initiated by an unknown presence.

Discover the experiences of a human life in this story of first contact, anchored in reality by collecting memory molecules, merging the molecules to build memories, then energizing the astronaut with the completed memories to rebuild its past.
The "skeletal artifact" mentioned above is the main focus of the following teaser trailer featured against a backdrop of outer space and atmospheric tones in Laserlife.

Stay tuned for further news coverage on Laserlife when the developers tell us more about what to expect from the game.

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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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