ID@Xbox Goes to PAX 2015

By Rebecca Smith,
Yet another major gaming conference has been and gone. Last weekend's PAX 2015 saw Microsoft hold an open house event with over 50 ID@Xbox titles on show. Amongst those titles were some new announcements. As usual, we've gone the extra mile and tried to find some basic information on each of the ten new titles to be revealed. Here they are:

Dungeon League (Xbox One)

achebit's new title takes dungeon crawling out of its usual environment and places it into an arena setting. All of the heroes in the land are invited to take part in matches that last just two minutes and cover a range of game modes, from the traditional Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, to the more imaginative Witches Eye and Obelisk. If competition isn't your forte, co-operate with your friends instead in Gauntlet or Survival modes. You could even throw around the old trollskin in Dungeon Ball. Kill hordes of enemies, achieve objectives, avoid traps and best your opponents in three rounds to win the title of Dungeon League Champion. In between these rounds, you must train your hero and purchase upgrades if you want to have the upper hand.

Ittle Dew 2 (Xbox One / Windows 10)

Ludosity's latest dungeon crawler follows on from the success of Ittle Dew on PC, 3DS and Wii U. Players take on the role of Ittle who, along with her friend Tippsie, finds herself marooned on another island. The news isn't all bad though; by solving puzzles and locating a boatload of treasure shown by a magical map, the pair will be able to reconstruct the raft needed to float out of there and back to civilization. The thing is that the raft pieces aren't exactly easy to obtain...

Just Shapes & Beats (Xbox One)

Don't be mistaken; Berzerk Studio's title is not a space shoot 'em up. It's actually a space avoider. Players must avoid a variety of small and large shapes that appear in time to the beat of the background music. There are a lot of shapes on the screen at any one time and you will die... a lot. The game also offers user generated content and co-op couch multiplayer for up to four players.

Layers of Fear (Xbox One)

Bloober Team's upcoming title doesn't pit players against a cast of monsters, mass murderers or zombies -- the usual antagonists in horror titles. No, players instead fight against a descent into madness and insanity. Players take on the role of an insane painter as he walks through a house that is constantly changing with every move of the camera. Inspired by 19th century architecture and décor, and the masterpiece artworks from centuries past, players must uncover the truth behind his visions and fears and try to finish the painter's own masterpiece.

Mimic Arena (Xbox One)

As the title suggests, Tiny Horse Games' ID@Xbox title is a high energy arena fighter where quick reflexes are the key to success. The local multiplayer "platform shooter" pits up to four players against one another, but you need to be able to jump and shoot at the same time if you want to succeed. You also need to master the art of Mimics. A Mimic records everything that the player does, everywhere that the player goes, and in which direction the player fires, before playing back everything that it has recorded. At worst the Mimic provides a distraction. At best, a player can use it to form a co-ordinated attack. Prepare for chaos.

Party Hard (Xbox One / Windows 10)

It's 3AM. All that you want is to get some sleep but your neighbours are having a party. What do you do? Well, you kill them all, of course. Armed with just a knife and a number of conveniently placed traps, players must annihilate a number of parties across America, from Las Vegas to Miami. However, Pinokl Games' title means that you must plan your moves carefully and with perfect timing. Make one wrong move and the police will descend on you quickly and without mercy, putting your career as a mass murderer on hold indefinitely.

Subaeria (Xbox One)

Studios Illogika's upcoming title puts players in the shoes of an outcast who needs to escape Subaeria, a futuristic underwater city that is ruled by technology. The player has no weapons and no ability to fight without them. Armed with just a personal drone, players must use their wits and the environment to turn enemies against one another. With a choice of four characters, each with their own story to be told, will you survive for long enough to see the resolution to each of their stories?

The Banner Saga (Xbox One)

You could argue that Stoic's strategic role-playing title was outed months ago thanks to an ESRB rating, but neither the developer, publisher Versus Evil or Microsoft has ever confirmed the game for ID@Xbox before now. Inspired by Viking legend, the game depicts a world that is suspended in a perpetual twilight. Chaos is taking over towns and cities and their inhabitants find themselves abandoning their homes to travel the countryside, finding allies and battling the thing that threatens their survival. Players can choose from over 25 characters from two different races and seven classes, each with their own abilities and upgrades. Not only is your character choice important, but your decisions in travel, conversation and combat will also affect the outcome of your story.

The Hole Story (Xbox One)

Back in 2014, a group of female developers won top prize at the Girls Make Games Demo Day Competition. They then managed to raise over $31,000 to make their top-down fantasy RPG The Hole Story. Players assume the role of a young archaeologist, Wendy, who uncovers a strange portal while digging in her back yard. The portal transports her through time into a kingdom with a missing princess. If Wendy is to ever make it home, she has to rescue Princess Alonna by solving puzzles and digging up clues.

Through the Woods (Xbox One)

Antagonist's third-person psychological horror title tells the story of a Norwegian mother's worst nightmare -- her son has gone missing in the nearby forest. The player sees the forest through the eyes of a child with all of the spooky sights and sounds that go with the feeling of being alone and vulnerable. Inspired by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales, the game promises a poignant story where there is none so frightening an enemy as the darkness of the forest.

To round off the announcements, Microsoft also revealed that the following titles, which had already been announced for Xbox One (one has even been released), will also be arriving on Windows 10 sometime in the future:

Blues & Bullets (Win 10)
ClusterPuck 99 (Win 10)
Hue (Win 10)
Knight Squad (Win 10)
Phantasmal: City of Darkness (Win 10)
Pixel Galaxy (Win 10)
Slain: Back from Hell (Win 10)
SpeedRunners (Win 10)
The Little Acre (Win 10)
Tumblestone (Win 10)

To finish off the roundup, Microsoft also revealed the opening eight minutes of gameplay for Teotl Studios' upcoming survival title The Solus Project.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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