ARK: Survival Evolved - The Mesopithecus Details

By Fierce, 2 years ago
Harking back to our past news coverage of the very immature Mesopithecus from ARK: Survival Evolved, I would like to start off by saying that in my personal opinion, this is not a very classy monkey.

He may be cute, he may be nimble and though you will have the ability to carry him on your shoulder; to quote the developers, he can "act as a mobile feces-flinging turret", and that is just not how a proper monkey should act. Sure, you'll be able to toss him over enemy walls and have him unlock small doors; and even to his credit, he will automatically harvest nearby plants on his own for you, but the poop-flinging is something that an uncivilized zoo animal would do.

I do, however, like the fact that you will be able to dress up this primitive primate from your hat collection, because a silly monkey deserves a silly hat. For more spec details on the Mesopithecus, you can check out the artwork image below:
ARK: The Mesopithecus

Stock up on paper towels and clothes pins, because this ca-ca catapult will aid you on your travels when Ark: Surival Evolved releases on Windows 10 and Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program in June of 2016. It will also be part of the Game Preview program before the end of the year.
Written by Fierce
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