New Resident Evil 0 Mode and Origins Collection

By Fierce, 2 years ago
Much news has circulated around Capcom's Resident Evil reboots. From last month's inside look at the development of Resident Evil 0 to the announcement that Resident Evil 2 is currently in the works, it does not appear that a cure for the T-Virus will be found any time soon.

Starting from the train incident, Capcom has revealed that a new playable character will be available in Resident Evil 0. In Wesker Mode you will have the opportunity to play as the original super-villain, Albert Wesker. You'll get to team up with Rebecca Chambers and relive Zero's horror in the place of Billy Cohen; the difference this time will be a slight costume change for Rebecca and the ability to fight the infected enemies with super powers while playing as Wesker. A new trailer, as well as some screenshots, have been released to showcase the unlikely duo toughing it out:

RE0 Wesker 1

RE0 Wesker 2

RE0 Wesker 3

RE0 Wesker 4

RE0 Wesker 5

RE0 Wesker 6

RE0 Wesker 7

RE0 Wesker 8

RE0 Wesker & Rebecca

Continuing through the mansion incident, Capcom has also announced that they will be releasing both Resident Evil (out earlier this year in digital format) and Resident Evil 0 as a single, physical disc copy called Resident Evil Origins Collection.

There has been no confirmed date as to when Resident Evil Zero will be available for download other than it being sometime early in 2016, but Resident Evil Origins Collection (which includes Zero) is expected to release on January 19th, 2016 on Xbox One.
Written by Fierce
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