More Fable II DLC on the way

By Elite Hero, 9 years ago
In their latest blog entry, Fable II developers Lionhead Studios, unleashed a wealth of figures about the game, including the fact that to date it has sold over 2.6 million copies and that over 66,000,000 achievements have been unlocked. The easiest achievement being “The Whippersnapper” with 2,800,000 people achieving it (although we knew that any way with a TA ratio of 1.00) and the hardest “The Dollcatcher” with only 61,037 gamers achieving (again we knew that already, with a TA ratio of 2.39 the highest of the game).

In closing they answered a question which apparently has been raised many times, but, in my opinion seems pretty obvious in today's DLC focused industry;

“Will there be any more DLC for Fable II?”. Their answer “Yes”.