Rock Band 4 Achievements

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
The music genre is back with a bang and we're here to bring you the achievement list for Harmonix's newest title,

Some of the franchise's new features take the main stage. There are four achievements linked to the new Freestyle guitar and vocal solos and one for the new Dynamic Drum Fills. There are three that can be earned on tracks after you have voted for them and eight for the improved audience feedback, including encores and requests.

The remaining 36 achievements will seem familiar to Rock Band fans. They're spread between Quickplay mode, Career Mode and the game's tutorials. They also range from the easy 5G for calibrating your audio/video setup, to the one that will be the challenge for those of you looking for a completion: earn a "Triple Awesome" rating on Vocal Harmonies.

You'll need four players and a full band kit if you want to stand any chance of gaining the full 1000G. Will you go down in history for a Legendary stage presence, or will you be a one hit wonder that fails out of the biggest gig of your life?

There are 50 achievements:

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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