Sword Coast Legends Box Art, Screens and Gameplay

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
n-Space, the game developers behind the upcoming RPG title Sword Coast Legends, have released a bunch of new media in the form of box art, screenshots, an exported stream, and a new trailer. Let's start off with the new box art that keen purchasers will see when they go to pick up a copy of the title:

SCL Box Art

The 12 new screens showcase many elements of the game including battling, various options during fights and exploration, and plenty more:

SCL Screens 01

SCL Screens 2

SCL Screens 3

SCL Screens 4

SCL Screens 5

SCL Screens 6

SCL Screens 7

SCL Screens 8

SCL Screens 9

SCL Screens 10

SCL Screens 11

SCL Screens 12

The exported stream sees the game's art director Chris Bromby and community manager Ash Sevilla take to Twitch to showcase the title's character creation feature. As well as creating characters, the two also show off some of the player campaign in action too.

Lastly, the PAX Prime 2015 gameplay trailer aims to take players back to "the classic age of D&D RPGs" as we are showcased magic, monsters, and plenty of characters of all shapes and sizes.

Sword Coast Legends will be making its way to Windows 10 on September 29th. Xbox One will see the title in Q4 2015.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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