Activision's Future Plans Announced

With Call of Duty: Black Ops scheduled for release tomorrow, Activision is already looking forward to the future.

During the most recent Q3 earnings call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg announced:

In the back-half of 2011, we’ll launch a new, large-scale Call of Duty first-person action title. The creative talent and resources that we now have devoted to the Call of Duty brand are unprecedented and given the gameplay that we’ve seen to date, we could not be more excited about next year’s release.
Hirshberg also mentioned X-Men Destiny is in the works. While not much has been said about this game, it is rumored that the gameplay in X-Men will be less linear, with your choice making affecting the direction of the game and your experience.

Hirshberg also confirmed another Spider-Man , Transformers and a continuation of the ‘Hero’ (Guitar, DJ) games.

It's great that Activision has such high hopes for the future. Hopefully, Activision keeps focus on current projects before jumping too far ahead.