Madden 16 Gets its First Post-Release Patch

By Mark Delaney, 4 years ago
Football is so close, guys. It's so close. The most wonderful time of the year has returned. For many like myself, Madden's annual end of August release serves as the unofficial kickoff to the season, tiding us all over until the real thing begins. Madden NFL 16 has received some of the highest scores in years for the series, but there are still things to tweak to improve the game's overall performance. The first patch for the game has released today, and EA has shared the details on what exactly is getting touched up. It's worth noting that this patch addresses only the current gen versions of the game.

- Addressed issue where AI defenders would get encroachment penalties after random huddle breaks and occasionally during the no-huddle offense
- Addressed rare issue where receivers were called down by contact even when they weren’t being touched
- Addressed quarterback locomotion warps on certain drop backs

- Addressed issue where players could receive over 100 confidence resulting in a short-term attribute boost
- Improved regression tuning for offensive linemen
- Tuned rookie deep accuracy rating
- Tuned supersim stats where pocket quarterbacks were generating too many rushing attempts
- Addressed issue where team could sign elite free agents for a low amount
- Addressed issue where some free agents would disappear from the free agent pool

- Addressed a rare issue where certain items would not have an image

- Addressed issue where the commentary line and presentation would repeat for a quarterback who returned from injury
- Addressed a crash that could occur when using multiple controllers
- Addressed a crash that could occur when exiting a game and the background video would continue to loop
- Addressed general bugs and stability issues
I've had issues with all three of the gameplay problems listed, so I'm glad to see they've been fixed. If you've been feeling rather deflated from some of these issues, worry no more.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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