Filipino Champ Beats Out Daigo in SoCal

By Suyomizzle, 8 years ago
This weekend, top Super Street Fighter IV players gathered in Southern California for SoCal Regionals, one of the premiere fighting game tournaments in the nation. Filipino Champ, a Dhalsim player representing Borderland Gaming, took out Daigo “The Beast” Umehara in a close final round of the SSFIV tournament.

Tokido came in 3rd place, also taking 1st place Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and .

Team Evil Genius' Justin Wong secured another tournament win, while Daigo Umehara defeated long time Super Street Fighter II: Turbo player Alex Valle in the tournament.

CGYoshi13 was the champion of the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom event, surprisingly pulling out a victory using PTX-40A, one of the game's two “giant” characters. Tekken Tim won the event.

Other notable victories during the tournament were Tokido's one character victory in SSFIV over the West Cost Team, beating Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, Alex Valle, and Vance “Vangief” Woo in immediate succession and Daigo and Tokido's victories over DGV in HD Remix.

Also, ClakeyD, a relatively unknown Ibuki player surprised everyone making his way into the top eight of SSFIV.

SoCal Regionals 2010 took place over the weekend of November 5th through 7th. The tournament was sponsored by Level|Up and Tournament Legacy. It also holds the distinction of being the world's biggest Tekken Ball major tournament.

You can check out videos of landmark matches on Level|Up's youtube channel being posted throughout the week.

Southern California Regionals