World Builder FPS Mash-Up Gunscape Delayed to 2016

By Chewie, 2 years ago
Originally expected this month, Blowfish Studios has announced that their first person shooter / world-builder hybrid Gunscape will now be coming to Xbox One at the beginning of next year instead. This is to take advantage of the unique capability for users on all platforms to share their user-generated content with each other, including single-player and co-op levels, as well as competitive multiplayer maps. This content can be uploaded easily and shared to play with up to 20 players at once online or with up to eight players in split screen.

To accompany the announcement, the developer has also released a series of screens showing the variety of content that can be created and the split screen gameplay.

10/09/15 - Screen 1

10/09/15 - Screen 2

10/09/15 - Screen 3

10/09/15 - Screen 4

10/09/15 - Screen 5

10/09/15 - Screen 6

10/09/15 - Screen 7

10/09/15 - Screen 8

10/09/15 - Screen 9

10/09/15 - Screen 10

10/09/15 - Screen 11

10/09/15 - Screen 12

10/09/15 - Screen 13

Gunscape is now due on Xbox One in January 2016.
Written by Chewie
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