SjF's Second Blog Post

By SjF, 9 years ago
Hello again, and welcome to the second edition of Stefen's Blog! (insert overly enthusiastic cheer here), before I get started on what this feature is about, I thought I'd just thank you all for the comments from my previous article, and that has motivated me to make this edition.

In this edition I would like to talk all about girls..... and gaming (had to have a catch somewhere eh? smile) mainly focusing on what having a woman in my life has done to impact my time spent gaming, and how I now go about gaming in a slightly different way of thinking. Lets kick this off with a brief recap of my few relationships, and how each one has changed my gaming habits.

Firstly, there was my high school sweetheart, not that we dated for a long amount of time, but she was the only girl I bothered with when I was younger. She was very outgoing whereas I wasn't, and this cut into my gaming time a huge amount. Before I met this girl I was hooked on the game 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' and could easily spend hours online instead of going out and getting drunk on half a Foster's or something similar laugh. This is where I learnt my first lesson in how girls do not like being put second to a Computer game, and soon enough both of us had had enough of each others' completely different lifestyles, and went our separate ways.

I was then back with my true high school sweetheart, the hot female admin of the server I played on smile (she may have been 15 years older than me, but we totally had a thing, why else would she have muted me on the server so much? redface)

Next was my first serious relationship which lasted about 8 months or so if I remember correctly. It wasn't the best of relationships, but I did gain a fair amount of friends (that I also lost when we broke up, but hey, that's life lol). However, for almost 5 of those months, I had been convinced that I didn't need to get my Xbox repaired after it had RroD'd as she hated me spending any time on it. It got to the point that if we argued, her killer line in the argument would be “you love your games more than me!” or something just as Jeremy Kyle-esque. Looking back on this, I really cant think why I allowed myself to listen to her, and not bother getting my Xbox fixed, as before this relationship I would be on my Xbox with friends more or less every day of the week.

Finally, we come to my current girlfriend, who I think has agreed to a near perfect balance of how much I get to game. She doesn't get pissed off if I spend a couple of hours playing the same level over and over on veteran, she doesn't complain when I'm playing games she thinks suck, and she also enjoys playing games with me! Bearing in mind this girl isn't what anybody would class as a gamer, I think this is a incredibly sweet deal smile

However, my gaming habits have still changed. Even though she doesn't say she is bored of watching me die online on CoD4, I know that if I spend too long gaming that it can't be fun for the person watching, so I've learnt how to stop gaming every so often and just come back to it later on, compared to playing for 6/7+ hours straight. Also, I'm also now having to shape when I know I can get online around my relationship, whereas before I was put in the position of "Its either me or your games", I now have the freedom to say, “hey love, a few friends have asked me to go online for an hour or two” and I know a row wont start out of it. Half of the time she enjoys just watching me get owned and taking the piss (can't blame her though, considering I'm a bighead when it comes to gaming lol). Sometimes it even gets to the point where she is asking me to play Xbox with her, which is quite a feat, after all she called me a geek after seeing my shelves full of console games.

In summary, I'd have to say that my gaming habits have changed tons from a few years ago, from not being able to balance gaming and a relationship, to being controlled, to not gaming at all, and finally into a perfect harmony of gaming and relationships intertwining and making me a overly happy 19 year old :].

Okay, now that the more serious part of my blog is over, lets move on to the fun part! You achievement whores requested it, so here it is!

Drum roll please........

its the “Name the game!.... game?” headspin

How this game works is that in each article I shall post up an image of a set of games, recent or old, and I shall hopefully make sure that its a difficult game to figure out, so don't expect any Mario or Sonic pictures :D

Here is the first group of games:

External image

External image

External image

If there isn't enough response with the games I have picked, I may make them easier, as I'm finding it difficult to judge what will be fun.

Please PM me the answer's you have, rather than posting them as a comment, as this way nobody will be copying each others answers warning. In the next article I will congratulate the winners, and post up a leaderboard, you will gain 1 point per correct answer.

Thanks once more for reading my blog. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or leave a comment and I shall make sure to get back to you. Please give me some feedback on this article, as hopefully, with your input I can make this article more and more entertaining each edition.