Ark: Survival Evolved Shows Off the Pachy

By Marc Caccamise, 2 years ago
As part of a continued effort to fill its world with all sorts of life, developer Studio Wildcard has added another dinosaur to its open-world game ARK: Survival Evolved. The Pachycephalosaurus ("Pachy" for short) is a "nimble creature and easy-to-tame herbivore" that is commonly roaming the jungles and grasslands. However, while herbivores are often seen as the more peaceful type, they shouldn't be misconstrued as harmless. The Pachy has a bone-plated spiked skull and can run at high speeds, making it a threat to charge through both enemies and structures.

Check out of the Pachy in action below:

The Pachy will be just one of many dinosaurs roaming the world when Ark: Survival Evolved releases on the Xbox One and Windows 10 in June 2016. The game will also be available early through the Game Preview program.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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