New Details on Need for Speed

By Cindy Minguez, 2 years ago
On Need for Speed's official website, EA has given us some new details on personalized handling. The upcoming racer has a "dedicated suite of handling options" that will allow players to set their personal preferences for their cars until they get the perfect touch. At its most simple, the handling can be adjusted with a single slider, gearing the car more toward drift or grip, depending on how much one likes those tires to stick to the road. For a more nuanced feel, one can delve into the advanced options until your baby purrs down the highway.


Some of the more advanced options include:
Front and Rear Tire Pressure
Changing tire pressure is a way to fine-tune the grip relationships between front and rear. Whether adding more grip to the front or less grip to the rear it will result in a car that initiates drift more easily. Likewise removing grip from the front or adding grip to the rear will result in a car that is less likely to lose its back end when turning.

Steer Response
A fast steer response enables more reactive, twitchier steering suited to drift. A slower steer response is steadier and more controlled.

Steer Range
A wider steer range makes it easier to maintain a deep drift. A narrow steer range produces less lateral slip making it less likely.

Braking Drift Assist
Braking Drift Assist ON increases the possibility to initiate a braking drift. Turning this OFF decreases the possibility to initiate a braking drift.

Drift Stability Assist
Drifting Stability Assist makes maintaining & controlling drifts easier. Turning this OFF disables stability controls when drifting. Proceed with caution!

Launch Control
Launch Control enables stability controls when taking off, reducing fish tailing & wheel spin.

A locked differential will mean the left and right wheels consistently spin at the same rate. This results in more wheel spin and therefore encourages drifting.

Downforce enhances traction at high speeds, encouraging stability when cornering.

Brake Strength
Strong brakes lock the wheels earlier producing slip which can encourage drifting.

Brake Bias
Adjusting the brake bias increases weight transference when braking. When this is moved towards the front it can destabilise the car more easily transitioning into a drift.

Tire Traction
Equipping tires with less/more traction will result in the vehicle transitioning into drift more/less easily when steering.

Handbrake Strength
A strong handbrake makes it easier to turn 180 degrees. A weaker handbrake can be used for drift initiation with less loss of speed & potentially a method for chaining drifts.

Spring Stiffness
Spring Stiffness can be used to tune the squat and dive behaviour of the vehicle. This is its forwards/backwards suspension movement.

Sway Bars
Sway Bars can be used to tune the amount of body roll the vehicle produces. This is its left/right suspension movement.

Tuning towards Power will make the nitrous more powerful, but its duration is decreased. Increasing Duration will make the nitrous less powerful, but it lasts longer.

Need for Speed will roll onto the Xbox One November 3rd.
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