Call of Duty: Black Ops Easter Eggs

By Jonathan Barnes, 8 years ago
Many intrepid gamers were able to pull themselves away from Treyarch's newest cause for decline in workplace productivity, to find some truly amazing Easter Eggs in the menu screen. This tip of the proverbial iceberg includes the classic text based game, Zork, as well as a top down zombie shooter. In addition to the mini games, there is also a large database of (spoiler filled) information that gamers can access.

G4's Kevin Kelly highlights these features in the external link video.

(Note: The video is SPOILER FREE, but Kelly mentions that the computer he's accessing in game does contain spoilers if you choose to access it before completing the story.)

I'm not the biggest COD fan, but the fact that Treyarch buried these gems in what seems to be (by most accounts) one of the best FPS titles of the year is the cherry on top that might encourage me to check it out.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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