No Backwards Compatibility For New RB3 Tracks

By Keith Gray, 8 years ago
Fans of Rock Band and Rock Band 2 will be unable to play new tracks in those games.

This is a result of developers, Harmonix, deciding not to provide backwards compatibility in tracks released from 26th October 2010 and onwards.

Several websites, including Joystiq have quoted an unnamed Harmonix representative in order to explain the decision:

"...due to the new authoring standards, inclusion of new instruments, new lighting / venue cues, etc."
However, it's not all bad news for Rock Band and Rock Band 2 fans... At least, the new tracks will be unavailable in those games, therefore preventing gamers from inadvertently buying incompatible DLC!!

As a final note, it should also be added that RB Network tracks will remain compatible with all Rock Band titles.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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