More Batman: Arkham Knight DLC On the Way

By Fierce, 2 years ago
Another webisode of Arkham Insider has been released and that usually means additional content for Batman: Arkham Knight will make its debut. The next set of DLC packs will feature a stealth predator challenge for Nightwing to deal with and a few challenging tracks to be added for the Batmobile to tumble through.

What they are tentatively calling the "GCPD Lockdown" DLC, players will get to take on a story mission as Nightwing that takes place right after the events of the Arkham Knight campaign. He gets a tip that something wrong is going down at the Gotham City Police Department and Penguin's thugs are looking to bust Cobblepot out. It will be left up to Nightwing to use swiftness and stealth to infiltrate the police department and put an end to the menace. Some points of interest to make note of is that Nightwing will be able to use familiar gadgets from the original story and the entire mission will take place during the day in Gotham City.

The Insider episode also sheds light on new tracks players will be able to blast through. The "2008 Tumbler Batmobile Pack" will include the Ashes Track (featured in the video) and the Cataclysm Track. Both tracks will be a stark difference in look and play from the last tracks added from the 1989 Movie DLC. Explosions, demolition, fire, destruction are all elements players will need to avoid and traverse in order to get the Tumbler Batmobile to the finish line in one piece.

The "2008 Tumbler Batmobile Pack" DLC as well as an "Original Arkham Batman Skin" will be released on September 22nd. The "GCPD Lockdown" DLC will be released soon after. Until then, feel free to comment if you think WB and Rocksteady are finally living up to their promise for the amount of content that would come with that pricey Season Pass or if these add-ons will basically just be more of the same.
Written by Fierce
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