Behind the Scenes of Sea of Thieves

By Fierce, 2 years ago
The developers at Rare are hardly working --ahem, I mean-- working hard on their highly anticipated project, Sea of Thieves. Since the announcement of their newest IP during E3 this past summer, Rare has been pulling all stops and calling all pirates to work as consultants in the development of the upcoming title. The newest video shows the importance of having actual pirates in and around the studio to get the team familiar with what it means to actually live a pirate's life. From rabid parrots to necessary make-up to a constant supply of free-flowing rum, every effort is being made to develop a game that will be as authentic as possible...we think.

There is no set date yet for Sea of Thieves but they will be releasing it on Xbox One and Windows 10 whenever they feel like it.
Written by Fierce
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