Resident Evil: Raccoon City [RUMOUR]

By Perpalicious, 8 years ago
Capcom has started to use non-Japanese developers -- such as Ninja Theory on the DMC reboot -- to help them boost sales.

Recent rumours spreading on the internet are saying that Vancouver-based Slant Six Games, famously known for creating SOCOM: Confrontation, have been hired to create a team-based Resident Evil game called Resident Evil: Raccoon City, according to a document forwarded to Kotaku.

Here are the details that seem to substantiate the rumours:

(1) On Slant Six's website, they mention the following: "Although we can't say what we are working on right now, we are very excited to be creating a new product with an amazing publishing partner."

(2) Many Slant Six employees, former and current, list on their LinkedIn profiles a "multiplayer action game" for Xbox 360 and PS3.

(3) On Slant Six's twitter feed, they asked for a translator/interpreter: "Japanese translator/interpreter neeed [sic] in Vancouver, BC. Knowledge of the video game industry a plus. Contact"

Unfortunately, in typical gaming corporation fashion, Capcom has refused to comment on any rumours.

Don't forget that back in 2008, a Burnaby-based video game developer named Blue Castle Games was rumoured to be developing Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360). We all know how that turned out.