Call of Duty... In Space? [RUMOR]

By Jonathan Barnes, 8 years ago
Following the release of, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris took a few moments to analyze the Call of Duty brand, its future, and where Activision will turn since Infinity Ward is still recovering from it's massive shakeup.

A few highlights:

In last week's earnings call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg mentioned that Sledgehammer Games is working on an FPS Call of Duty title that is set to be released in 2011, seemingly filling the place that was previously held by Infinity Ward's releases. Sledgehammer's website does little to hide the fact that they are working on such a title.

Morris cites industry speculation on the details of this title saying:

Industry sources say Sledgehammer's Call of Duty will be set in the future and feature, for lack of a better term, space Marines, a very big step for a franchise that has historically based itself on realism.
This speculation lends credence to the recent website registrations by Activision, which included "Future Warfare," "Advanced Warfare," "Secret Warfare," and "Space Warfare."

With the early sales returns and great reviews (Metacritic has Black Ops at a 90 right now.) it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Activision is going to continue to milk the COD brand for all it's worth (with or without the talent that left Inifinity Ward). What is somewhat more surprising is the potential to take a series that's (at least partially) grounded in reality/history/current events up into space. The one thing that I think gamers can agree upon, though, is that today's games have a severe lack of space marines... and zombies... and vampires...
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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