Possible Genre System Change Poll

By Jack Watling, 2 years ago
Back in November 2008 a basic genre system was added to the site along with some leaderboards for each. A little while later this system was extended to add a second tier of genres. This formed the genre tree that we currently have in place on site and allows for a single genre and sub-genre to be assigned to a title.

Currently the two tiered genre system works pretty well for the majority of titles on site. However with the diversity of gameplay mechanics in titles currently releasing, especially with some ID@Xbox content, assigning a single genre and single sub-genre per title is a little limited.

The approach we think will offer the most flexibility is to move to single tier multi-genre system; effectively flattening the current system and allowing for multiple genres to be assigned to a title. This would mean a title such as Mass Effect 3 could have the Action RPG and Third Person Shooter genres applied, and would appear in the leaderboards for both.

Genres and sub-genres obviously form the basis of many of the site leaderboards, and with the possibility of these being changed if we were to move to a new system, we would like your input.

In order to keep some of the existing "tier one" genre leaderboards, we could make "categories" of genres that could be tracked. For example, a Racing category could be made that contained the "Arcade Racing" and "Simulation Racing" genres.

On to the poll...
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
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