US Copies of Nail'd To Come With DLC Token

By DavieMarshall,
Deep Silver, publisher of forthcoming nail'd have announced those gamers who live in the US will be able to snap up a copy of the title with a DLC token included in the box.

If you're not sure what Nail'd is, think Pure or take a quick look back at's article when it was announced that Nail'd was delay'd. Alternatively, here's the official quote on what to expect:

[Nail'd is] the world’s fastest off-road arcade racer, utilizes insane track design and unparalleled levels of speed to create a racing experience that delivers pure arcade fun.
So what exactly will the DLC token allow you to redeem for inclusion in the game?

DLC will include 4 new tracks, new vehicle paint jobs, a completely new set of vehicle parts for both bikes and ATVs and multiple new female and male driver suits. The DLC pack will also include a brand new game mode – Detonator – in which racers pass around ticking bombs before they explode. In keeping with nail’d’s mantra of thrilling competition, all of this content is available in both the single and multiplayer modes of the game. Finally, the DLC will include an extension of the Single Player Tournament with the “Bomb Cup”, which will include five new campaign events.
That seems like a generous quota of extra content (though some of it is frivolous), but surely this isn't a case of content being developed for inclusion in the final release but then pulled for some extra sales on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or as an added sales incentive?

Personally, this sales attack worries me as to the quality of the game. First off it was announced that due to the delayed release date the RRP of the title was being deducted ten dollars (see earlier article reference) and now this? What do you think?

You can pick up the game from November 30th (US) and much later if you're a European, on February 4th!

We've got the full list of nail'd achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.