HITMAN Delayed Until Next Year

By Andy Mills, 2 years ago
You'll have to wait a while longer to get your hands on everyone's favourite hairless hero as IO Interactive have announced that HITMAN has been delayed. One reason they have given for the delay is the new release model that they are trying. The other so that they can add more to the initial launch of the game and also have a higher frequency of updates post-launch.

To give an idea of the size of the content that is going to be in the game, IO have released a nice infographic comparing the previously seen Paris level to the biggest level in Hitman: Absolution, Streets Of Hope.

HITMAN vs Hitman Absolution map infographic

Instead of December, HITMAN is now scheduled to launch on Xbox One in March 2016.
Credit for this story goes to Geoffistopheles
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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