Winners: Spring Clean Giveaway Week 17

By Dave Horobin, 2 years ago
Week 17 of our Spring Clean Giveaway ended last night and it's time time for us to reveal the winners of our Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege beta codes.

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Due to the number of winners, we did some funky things with the magic of TA to randomly pick our 43 winners (we have some additional codes), which then automatically sent them a PM with the code and instructions on how to redeem them. The full list of winners are:

StellateSafe94 said:
Yes please!
InnateWaif8 said:
me me!!!!
Kbeau73 said:
Let's give this one a try!
Jarheadwayne said:
DirtyLittleSith said:
Here's hoping
Sir Spawncelot said:
nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition !
foREVer7fold said:
I entered to hopefully get a code sent to me from rainbow six people but I don't think I got one....I hope I get one of these.
BlackMesa3 said:
Codes for my friends!
Beggihar said:
Now this I like
deutschZuid said:
Lol. I never win anything, so this is no exception.
cak3 fac3 said:
Yes please.
Mortug said:
i like the odds...
Cheese is mold said:
Hey, you never know. One in a million, but there is still that one.
Turtleman951 said:
I need this cause I have no xbone games:[
NovaGhostZero said:
PhatDaemien said:
KingWhybrow said:
On 3, take them down!!!! 1,2,3
PE0014 said:
No chance if I don't try...
Dark Wolf Stu said:
I like these odds. smile
Andypsg said:
Pretty please
QuietCalf547400 said:
I'd like to try it
Viiziionn said:
I won!!!
wwe is aw3some said:
Im in
MatthewJones215 said:
I want
Mark Farley said:
Rainbow Six me up
Bertus1993 said:
maybe this is a winning comment!
heavenbullets1 said:
Another easy shooter game to beat
SGT Sprinkles46 said:
Netflix Original shows are bae
PHT999 said:
NEMESIS96669 said:
I hope the beta is better than gears of war ultimate edition alot of lagging
DragonChamp06 said:
why not ill give it a try
HateMe4141 said:
I wanna win
Gulite said:
I'll take that
JBtorres said:
I only need one
HolyWarr27 said:
i guess this would force me to upgrade to new gen.
TerebrAH said:
Tuschi said:
I'll give this a go! :D
YouNeedToChill said:
hell yeah
luthiano said:
Let's do this!
Serious X Wolf said:
Ill give this a shot or three cos who else but quagmire??!? you never really know what he's gunna do next!!
NGF sniperbait said:
Good luck everyone
Lavindathar said:
Good luck all
mrZiggityZag said:
i want dis.
Thanks to everyone that took part and congratulations to our winners. This week's giveaway will be slightly later than normal as I'm off to EGX to look at games and drink lots of beer, but when I get back we'll be giving away 50 codes for the Gigantic beta.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
Dave is the TrueAchievements Social Manager and has been a Newshound since 2010. When he's not chasing developers and publishers for early review copies, he can usually be found on the TrueAchievements social pages discussing all things TA related.