Additional FIFA 11 Patch Coming In November

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
EA have published an announcement today releasing details of a series of fixes, tweaks and alterations which will be coming to FIFA 11 in the games next title update.

The announcement was preceded by a short statement thanking everyone for their patience whilst EA attempted to replicate and then solve the issues submitted to them by the FIFA 11 community. They also apologised for their silence on the matter of update contents, saying that "we can’t really talk about these things until they’re locked down and confirmed".

So, on to the changes you will see in game. First up are alterations to the gameplay:

You’ll now find that the implementation of the offside rule in the game is more accurate, both in terms of when the infringement is called and in terms of player positions when it happens. Occasional strange player positioning at kick-off have also gone away, while shooting from weak volleys has been improved, too. Importantly, so-called ‘micro-pausing’ during gameplay will also be a thing of the past. Overall, your gameplay experience should now be even better.
The Career Mode has received some TLC too, with EA tightening up stats representation and closing an exploit which allowed players to receive a 'whopping $2 billion budget':

There are a lot of improvements you’ll notice here, which will all further boost the realism of the mode, but in summary: Your match fixtures during the season for cups and leagues, as well as the time of day they all happen, should now be much more realistic. We’ve also improved how accurately player ratings and growth are displayed, as well as making sure the players get the awards they deserve, when they deserve them. Using an odd exploit to secure a whopping $2 billion budget has now gone away, while the emails you receive as a manager will be more appropriate and players you’ve loaned out will now be easier to see and manage.
Xbox LIVE head-to-head matches are also up for some revision and balancing whilst Online Clubs receives the same treatment:

Matchmaking will be enhanced, particularly in terms of initially connecting to an opponent, while we’ve removed a couple of exploits that people were using to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. Also, players will now no longer be able to use Passing Power Assistance in ranked matches.

We’ve already made a lot of server-side improvements to the Clubs experience, particularly in terms of matchmaking, match results and progress in Cups. With the game update we’ll be making a range of improvements to stats and league-table presentation, too, as well as improving the camera motion when your player is a long way from the ball.
These cover the major changes addressed by the update, but there are several minor alterations and changes which will be introduced too:

You’ll now find that cut-scenes are improved during substitutions, along with a range of more subtle improvements around of the game.

Creation Centre teams will now benefit from crowd chants, while we’ve improved the custom chants area as well. We’ve also managed to enhance a few audio triggers during gameplay, meaning you’ll get an even better atmosphere as things happen during a match.

Creation Centre
The general performance of the game when it involves teams and players created via the Creation Centre has been improved. Also, you’ll now find that the formations and attributes you set on the web will now transfer more accurately to the console.

FIFA Store
We’ve made sure that Live Season will be available for multiple users on the same console. Some people who had switched from an inactive XBL account to a Gold Account were having problems seeing the content of the store – we’ve got that covered, too.

Lincoln City and Montpellier fans, your teams’ kits should now be right on the money.
This is an impressive range of fixes, and though some may argue some of these issues shouldn't have been present from the outset, the fact that EA have clearly worked hard to listen to the community and patch the product is noteworthy.

You've not too long to wait before this update goes live with November 17th the confirmed release date.