Paladins: Champions of the Realm Detailed

By Peter Stojanov, 2 years ago
Hi-Rez Studios -- the makers of Smite and Tribes: Ascend -- brings us a free-to-play shooter called Paladins: Champions of the Realm. FPS players out there will be excited by the unique variety among the characters, weapons, and gameplay mechanics out there in this zany world where a fox plays with fire and an orc wields a lightning staff. The game has many elements to it such as its unique card system that helps improve your character's style of fighting.

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Grohk: The Lightning Orc
- Grohk was always a bit... off. He never fit in with the other orcs. In fact, the Fire Tribe cheered when Grohk left. They laughed when he returned, proclaiming himself prophet to Vex, the Lightning God. The tribe stopped laughing when Grohk electrocuted them all. Now, Shaman to the new Lightning Orcs of the Red River, Grohk ventures into Crosswind Hold to interpret the will of Vex.

Ruckus: The Worst of Friends
- Upon his death, the majestic Elven King Boltanas bound his soul into the blade T'lonmar, so that he might forever defend his kingdom from the Goblin Hordes of Ozmendar. Ruckus found his blade, melted it down, and built his war machine from it. Many think being bound to a goblin would be insufferable, and "Bolt" would agree... and he makes sure Ruckus never forgets it.

Pip: The Fire Thief
- The secret to making liquid fire has long been guarded by the Alchemists of the Iron Shrine, lest it fall into hands that would turn it to war and profit. Pip is those hands. Those tiny, tiny hands. Having stolen his gear from the Alchemists, Pip races to make a name for himself in Crosswind Hold, before the Iron Shrine catches up to him.

Cassie: The Hunter's Daughter
- Raised in Cobalt Keep and daughter to the legendary huntmaster Arturos, Cassie snuck away from home to find adventure and freedom. Armed with her Father's bow and joined by her childhood companion Zigs, Cassie enters the lands of Crosswind Hold ready for any challenge.

Fernando: The Self-Appointed Knight
- It takes a special kind of man to appoint his own Knighthood, and Fernando is that man. Hailing from the golden cliffs of Sun Spire, Fernando travels to Crosswind Hold to spread word of his fame and glory. If there's a damsel in distress, Fernando is there.

Barik: The Ruins Raider
- Like most of his kin, Barik is loud, obnoxious, and lacks subtlety. All traits that serve him well in his profession as a Ruins Raider. No shrine, temple, or crypt is safe if Barik is around. Using devices of his own invention, and with an eye to turn a profit, Barik plunders all, and has made a name for himself in Crosswind Hold.

Skye: The Twilight Assassin
- Most assassins prefer to remain anonymous, but Skye thrives on the fame, and lives in the center of attention. Trained by fabled monks of Silver Moon, and outcast for violating each of her sacred vows in meticulous order, Skye enters the fight to much speculation. Whoever her next target, wives should be mindful of their husbands, for it's said a single glance from Skye can destroy a man's heart.
Paladins: Champions of the Realm will be released for the Xbox One at an unknown date but players can register on Hi-Rez's official website for the Early Access arriving later this year.
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